Tampa Bay Leather Contest Staff

Contest Co Director

Daddy Jeffrey has been active in the Indiana and Florida Leather community for over 23 years.  He has volunteered and donated  for numerous charities for people with HIV/Aids. Daddy  Jeffrey was a member of Omikrom Leather club and Tampa Bay Bondage club.  He is a member of the Tampa Leather Club and an officer Sergeant At Arms for 4 years.  He lives with his boy, boy woodie in St. Petersburg, Florida for over 12 years. Daddy Jeffrey is co/contest director of the Tampa Bay Leather Sir/boy contest for 5 years.


Contest Co Director

Woodie Barnes: boy woodie has over 26 years experience in BDSM. He has been an active member in the leather community Mid-Atlantic and Florida for over 17 years. boy woodie is living in St. Petersburg, Fl with his partner Daddy Jeffrey for 12 years. He is a member and officer of the Tampa Leather Club woodie won PA drummerboy 1999, Mid-Atlantic drummerboy 1999 and International  drummerboy 1999. He won Pantheons Florida regional award for 2009 and He was the first boy to win Pantheon's Man Of The Year in 2001.


  Time Keeper

Mitch Hixson has lived in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years and over the past 7 years has been in the Leather community.  Mitch is the Vice President of The Tampa Leather Club and this year he helped in the Advertising dept. for the TBLSb. Mitch is also a member of the Puppy Graphics and Part of the International Puppy Contest Staff and partner  to Sir Joseph Mastrapasqua for 12 years, and handler to Flip Leather Pup for the past 3 years. Mitch has been working with TBLSb for the past 2 years as Time Keeper.

 Den Daddy Dana

I entered into the leather scene by accident during leave from the US Navy. Visiting Baltimore, MD during a blind date I found myself in a bar during a leather event sponsored by the Shipmates. One thing led to another and an after-hour’s party found me suspended from the rafters of a basement, shirt ripped off with jeans around my ankles and poppers up my nose. This was my introduction to leather-levi men and a flogger!

During my remaining years in the service I was able to enter every armed forces of the United States, and a few visiting military personnel; ok, maybe they were doing the entering! After the service I became an over the road truck driver. When asked why I chose that career, I said with a big smile, “for 2 reasons, 1st and foremost for the amount of sex I was going to have, because everyone wants to sleep with a truck driver, and 2nd the money is not too bad either”. After a lover that was more vanilla the leather urge was still there. After meeting some men in Columbus OH on Gay.com and an urge to enter the Ohio leather boy contest, I won the state title and then won Great Lakes Leather boy 2004 title.

I relocated to Tampa, FL in March of ’07 with a lover. Seven days later I found myself at the Suncoast resort where I met the manager of the leather store. We played that night dumped my current lover and started seeing him on a regular basis shortly after. By August we were moving in together in St. Petersburg. I still have that boyfriend by the way.

I currently work in a hospital as an emergency room technician and I’m studying for my EMT, Paramedic, and nursing degrees