The Human Puppy

Flip aka The Flip n puppy Jaeger Pup T

The human puppy is a person that enjoys acting and even dressing like a dog or puppy. He/She is playful, full of mischief and is always needing attention. Puppies dress in many different ways from being naked, to wearing full body suites. Depending on you as a pup it is what you feel comfortable in or what you have a fetish for. Pups are the submissive in a Dom/sub relationship as my pup Flip is my sub or as I like to say my Flip-N-Puppy 

Human Puppy at St. Pete Pride ParadeThere are many types of pups, Leather pups, Rubber pups, Latex pups etc. and many accessories to help you to become the perfect pup.  Puppies are every where these days and as the Leather community embraces them the more pups are coming out. And they like to relate to breeds of dogs.  Flip relates to Wolves where Jaeger relates to Boxers because he has no tail. Some puppies are owned and wear a locked collar and some just like to be strays. please remember as in all protocol never grab a pups lock if it is wearing a collar, it is a sign of disrespect to it's owner.

As with any puppy pack there is always a Alpha pup in this case it is Flip he is the Alpha puppy of the TLC with Boner and Jaeger.  An Alpha puppy is the pup that the others will learn from when around him.  A Trainer or Handler is a person that helps the person get into what we call head space. That person is responsible for training the pup, and caring for it when in pup space. REMEMBER: Puppies love baths!!!

Here are a few web sites for pups.,, and are just a few that I have found also, up until a few years a go there was the International Puppy & Trainer Conference where puppies from around the country would compete for best of show. TLC's very own boy woodie was a judge 1 year for this contest. The International Puppy Contest is held every year during Florida Leather n Fetish Pride. More and more Local Leather Sir/boy and Community Boot Black contests are including the puppy contests as well.

NOTE: No one can live 24/7 as a pup. A Human Pup is still a person that needs communication and exercise and his/her voice otherwise that person could go insane.


Where can I learn more about puppy play?

The Puppy Pride Flag

Puppy Pride Flag / Dog Pride Flag
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