Come join one of the largest leather clubs in Florida!


To become a full member, you will need to go through the Pledge process first, or become an Associate member.

To become a full member you will need to go through the following:

1)  You must pay the $5.00 Pledge fee

2)  You must attend 3 meetings and any events during you pledge period

3)  On your 4th meeting you will need to be voted in by the general members

4)  Upon being voted in as a new member you are required to pay the $20.00 yearly membership fee.

5)  Members that miss 5 or more meetings will be automatically dropped to Associate Status for the remainder of the year in which they must request to become a full member in writing.


Associate Members are required to pay a $10.00 yearly membership fee.

1)  Associate members can not vote.

2)  Associate members are encouraged to attend meetings and offer suggestions and comments.

3)  Associate members are welcomed to all events that The Tampa Leather Club (TLC) sponsors.


Membership Application